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Hi There!

Welcome to our blog. This is the place where we will highlight some of our favorite images from recent sessions, some musings on life and the meaning of it, as well as an occasional tid-bit from our own lives. Feel free to share on facebook, twitter, pinterest or just leave a comment – we love comments! Enjoy!

On September 10, I (Heather) got on a plane headed to NYC with my very good friend Mel. We first met when she hired us to photograph His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama back in 2010 when he visited Madison. She has since become a fast friend and a huge confidant for Mike and especially myself. Sh... read more
Its so awesome to see our high school seniors succeed on such a high level. Alison is currently looking at her third straight trip to State in Doubles for Tennis with Middleton High School. So cool!! Congratulations Alison ... read more
Love it when our high school senior clients' inner light shines especially in such a beautiful location like Pope Farm Park. I think we could spend an entire day there and never tire of the surroundings. ... read more
Sometimes things can get a little crazy when we are photographing families. You just have to roll with it. Especially when boys love water and REALLY want to play in the lake. Or maybe they want to take off their shirt and climb the front loader. Its real. Its honest – its life. Celebrate it!... read more
The perfect family portraits are imperfect. The fun ones. The images where everyone is goofing around and actually being a family – silly, fun and a little bit weird. Its the love that reaches out through the real images that reflect who a family is.... read more