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Hi There!

Welcome to our blog. This is the place where we will highlight some of our favorite images from recent sessions, some musings on life and the meaning of it, as well as an occasional tid-bit from our own lives. Feel free to share on facebook, twitter, pinterest or just leave a comment – we love comments! Enjoy!

  • There are people that we come across during our life times where when you think of them, you also think of the thing that defines them – the thing that drives them and makes them who they are. For Lauren, that would be music. It is her life. And to celebrate this, they chose to have her senior por... read more
    School is about to start and things are revving up around here. Now is the time to schedule your fall sessions. Take advantage of our 24 Hour Flash Sale good for any portrait session**  to be scheduled by October 31, 2014. PURCHASE NOW  Promotion expires 1:00PM on August 20th. We will co... read more
    We are often asked what we enjoy most about photography…a lot actually. It can be difficult to articulate what it is exactly that we enjoy the most. Somedays its the little moments of honesty that we witness. Others, its just hanging out with families and documenting them as they are. A lot of th... read more
    Rachel is strong, graceful, beautiful, kind and confident. And we got this from just our short time together. So excited for our senior portraits this year. We have so many great students that we will be working with. Rachel is just the beginning!... read more
    We've been photographing Mike since he was in diapers. Seeing him grow makes my heart leap and reminds me how much children change over the years and how there are still some things that are the same. During our first session with Mike all those years ago, he was playing with sticks – this time, t... read more