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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy MotherHappy Mother’s Day! As photographers we are blessed to bare witness to many authentic family moments. However, too often we hear from Mom’s, “Oh…I don’t want to be in the photo! Not me! I look horrible!” Or, ” I need to get rid of this extra weight first.” Or, “No one wants a photo of me!”

Well guess what!?! That is a lie.

We DO want pictures of our mothers. I am guilty of the same statements myself. But after the year we have had, it has become painfully obvious that life is short. REALLY short.

Moms out there – get in front of that camera. Your family loves you. Your kids want to remember you how you are now. They will want these images in the years to come. They will love you whether or not you think you are looking your best. You are their mother. You are their grandmother. Their sister. Their aunt. Their friend. The love that is held for you is boundless and true. Don’t let yourself get forgotten. You are irreplaceable.

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